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Endangered Species
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Surely we have this already! Related to Only You Can Repopulate My Race, Last of His Kind. Basically Resuscitate The Dog on a species - wide scale.

Required Trope Elements:
  • The endangered species, A, must be a type of object, creture, etc., for which there is an apparent distinct possibility they will all soon be gone.
  • A group of creatures, B, who may be the audience rather than a character in the story, place a significant value on A's continuing to exist, for no other reason than that the world would be less without them.


  • Real Life, obviously.
  • In Rosario + Vampire, Moka and Kurumu view Witches this way, and so they ask Tsukune not to go to hard on Yukari. It's later implied that this is also true for many if not most monstrous species, including Moka's, Kurumu's, and Mizore's.
  • In one of the Tremors sequels, some humans want to keep at least one Graboid alive.
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