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In Real Life, for electric current to flow there must be a difference in electrical potential. There must be negative and positive termini for current to flow between. Not so in fiction. Quite often in fiction, it will be possible for some device or some person to simply fire a lightning bolt more or less straight forward toward another presumably electrically neutral object, with no sign of building up charge separation beforehand. It is very rare to see lightning weapons or electricity-based Elemental Powers that have electricity behaving the way it does in Real Life.

Projectiles that merely look like lightning but are clearly supposed to be something else should not be included.

  • The Matrix features guns that fire lightning bolts as common weapons in the real world.
  • Every Shock and Awe user I've ever seen qualifies, although I'm sure there must be a few that don't work this way. It may be justified if the "lightning" is really some kind of magical effect instead of actual electricity.

Suggestions for other titles are welcome.
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