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Effortless Amazonian Lift
A woman lifting and carrying a man or woman as a sign of her physical strength.
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You have your regular Action Girl. She has the looks, and the attitude. But you want to indicate her strength, without having her beat the crap out of someone. That's where Effortless Amazonian Lift comes in.

A Distaff Counterpart to Bridal Carry, this refers to women visually displaying the strength to lift and carry someone similar-sized or heavier than them in their arms. This trope is used in an attempt to subvert gender expectations, and show that the woman in question has unusual physical strength. When involving a couple, it can also be used to show who wears the pants in the relationship. Usually displayed by a Cute Bruiser or a Big Gal. When done by someone with no such characteristics, it is even more notable.

Note that this does not refer to a woman simply carrying something. The action must always emphasize her prodigious strength.

Obviously a form of Double Standard. A man carrying someone is considered omnipresent, since men excel in the physical department. Related to Muscles Are Meaningless.


Anime and Manga

  • In Bleach, after Kenpachi's duel with Ichigo, Yachiru carries the former on her shoulder to get medical attention. A particularly impressive use of the trope because Kenpachi is very tall and muscular, while Yachiru looks like an eight-year-old but manages to effortlessly carry him to the top of a building. One of the author's many hints that she's dangerous than she looks.
  • Kei from Dirty Pair easily lifts a grown man and swings him over her shoulder to rescue him from heavy enemy fire. It's meant to emphasize her position as the "muscle" and tomboy of the Tomboy and Girly Girl duo she forms with Yuri.
  • Earth Maiden Arjuna: Juna carries Tokio in her arms to protect him from a monster in the second episode. She doesn't even seem to be aware of any strain, despite being in her human form.
  • In Girls Bravo, Kosame attempts to kidnap Yukinari for Lisa. So she knocks him out, pulls him over her shoulder and starts kicking Kirie while holding him. Her strength is attributed to her status as a professional hitwoman.
  • In the tenth episode of Love Hina, Amalla Su, Kaolla Su's elder sister tries to force Keitaro to marry her and runs away carrying him tied up. Keitaro wasn't exactly willing to marry her.
  • In Lovely Complex, Koizumi carries Otani in her arms after he failed to escape her. She manages to carry him quickly into a changing room while he struggles to get down. It's obvious who wears the pants in this ralationship.
  • Ranma plays with this. While Ranma won't allow Akane to carry him as a guy, he lets her carry him piggyback when in girl form, emphasizing how Ranma thinks of himself according to his gender.
    • In a straighter example,Shampoo demonstrates the strength to catch Mousse in her arms after she saves him from a villain, continuing the trend of her being the dominant one in their "relationship".
  • Makoto Kino of Sailor Moon is the group's Big Guy and physically the strongest of the Inner Senshi. In her debut, she lifts a guy over her head, with no signs of physical strain. She also does this during an ice-skating scene, and in a dancing scene, demonstrates the strength to lift Ami by the waist. And she does that without transforming into Sailor Jupiter.
  • Karura of Utawarerumono demonstrates her ridiculous Super Strength by kidnapping carrying Hakuoro Bound and Gagged with only one hand. She keeps him there while waiting for the other girls to prepare for the journey. And she doesn't even bat an eyelid.
  • Kagari from Witch Craft Works bridal carries the male protagonist all the time. Although this may have more to do with magic rather than strength, it signifies her power and Violently Protective Girlfriend status.
  • Natsumi of You're Under Arrest! has no problem beating up thugs and carrying them over her shoulder. The epitome of a Cute Bruiser police officer.


  • In the Mercy Thompson series, a female firefighter who's a werewolf was pleased when werewolves abandoned their masquerade, because it allowed her to play this trope straight when saving people, rather than feign being no stronger than a non-werewolf woman.

Comic Books

  • In The DCU, being the Big Gal, Big Barda is often portrayed carrying around other heroes, including her husband, Mr. Miracle.


  • Adam's Rib. As part of her defense strategy to show that women are like men so they should be treated the same, Amanda calls a circus strongwoman to the stand. The strongwoman demonstrates that women can be as strong as men by picking up Adam, who is both Amanda's husband and the district attorney trying the case.
  • Played with in Ever After. When Danielle and Henry are attacked by gypsies, Danielle is told she can take "anything she can carry" and get away. She proceeds to pick up Henry and walk away carrying him on her shoulders. In this case, the action is meant to emphasize her audacity and determination, rather than strength. Charmed by it, the gypsies invite them to stay for a meal.

Live-Action TV

  • Beast Master shows a female love interest carrying a wounded prince. When the hero doubts her strength and asks whether she's strong enough to carry him, she replies, "I'm strong enough to carry you."
  • Atalanta from Hercules The Legendary Journeys is able to lift Hercules himself in a bout of playfulness.
  • Small Wonder: Vicki looks like a ten-year old but has no problem picking up her father Ted. Justified because of her Robot Girl status.

Myth And Legend

  • There is a German legend called "Castle of the Faithful Wives" where the women of a castle begged a king who had laid siege to them to be allowed to leave with their children and whatever valuables they could carry on their backs. The king agreed and was astonished to see the women leaving with their men on their backs.

Video Games

Web Comics

  • Samus carrying Kevin in one of the Captain N comics. It's a rather clear image of her being in charge. Kevin's protests only add to that demonstration.
  • El Goonish Shive: During the year-long party arc, Tedd says, "We need manly power to move this couch! Hey, Nanase!" (Nanase is tall but not particularly muscular, yet still quite strong, apparently, as she shoves the couch over unassisted).
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