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Some super powers have inobvious uses
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It isn't how much force you use, it's how it is applied. — unknown

Not all uses of a superpower are immediately clear to the empowered. One of the best ways to make a superhero (or villain) more effective is to have them get creative in how they use the powers they already have.

Contrast Mundane Utility.

  • For years, [[Fantastic Four Invisible Woman]'s powerset consisted of turning invisible and making walls of force. Over time (and with the writing of John Byrne), she learned to apply her force fields not only defensively, but offensively as well, as well as using them as a way of mimicking flight.
  • Whateley Universe: Jade is the past master of this, mainly because she keeps her real powerset a secret.
    • Phase is remarkably good at this as well. Not only did he figure out at least four ways to kill using Generator's powers in the first five minutes of knowing her, he has found a number of ways to use his powers more effectively; for example, stopping a raging Brick by dropping a handful of hot pepper in his mouth...
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