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An advertising campaign's message gets lost.
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In business, it pays to have a effective advertising campaign: one which shows what they're selling, and doing it in an entertaining/amusing manner. Though sometimes, the campaign loses sight of what it was supposed to do, and their message is lost.

Compare Magazine Decay, Network Decay, The Artifact.

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  • Capital One credit cards had an ad campaign with Vikings that represented harsh fees from banks, who would go away once the customer revealed they had a Capital One card. This somehow turned into a campaign where the Vikings were the customers, going on wacky trips with their card.
  • The UK campaign for starring Aleksandr the Russian meerkat (it doesn't really make sense in context). Originally Aleksandr complained that the site was too easily confused with his own, but current ads are about him promoting his former 'rival'. Losing sight or just changing focus?
  • Another example would be the Geico gecko- similarly to the thing, it was originally about a gecko complaining that people thought he was Geico rather than a gecko, but then he just became a mascot for the company.
  • Old Navy's earliest commercials featured a dog named Magic who was the designer of the clothes, and the commercials were based around his runway fashion shows and included former Vogue editor Carrie Donovan (the old lady with the big glasses) and Debbie Harry discussing Magic and his vision. ...then they sort of became a plotless retro party celeb cameo thing, with Magic as just a dog mascot, and Carrie Donovan inexplicably still hanging around.
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