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Eye Open

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The theme song ends, or the cold open starts, or we return from a commercial break, or we simply change scenes. What do we see but a close-up of a character's eye?

This is an Eye Open, a device sometimes used to show that a character is waking up. Of course, sometimes it's just used to show off an actor's good-looking eyes.


  • Canaan: Canaan.
  • Shows up a lot in Evangelion.
  • Fate / Stay Night: Saber.

  • The movie Ĉon Flux opens with the title character's eye catching a fly.
  • Next does this with Nicholas Cage's eye twice, once before and once after his character's long vision of a possible future.

  • LOST. Quite a lot, in fact.
    • The finale ends with Jack closing his eyes in a reversal of the pilot's first scene.
  • House.
  • A first-season episode of the original Twilight Zone whose name escapes me does this.
  • The 2009 pilot of V does a backwards one: instead of opening on Erica's eye and zooming out, we open on Erica and zoom in to her eye.

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