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More Human With Time
A nonhuman character (metaphorically or literally) develops their humanity over the course of time
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In this case, what measure is a nonhuman? is a developmental question. This trope covers nonhuman characters who, for reasons of Character Development, a Story Arc, A Very Special Episode, inconsistent writing, Executive Meddling,or because of their nature, take on more human characteristics over the course of a series (or in their backstory). Very often, because of several of the above listed reasons, there are both In-Universe and Behind-The-Scenes explanations for this characters' evolution. In extreme examples, a Rubber Forehead Alien may literally become a Human Alien, or at least take on more human characteristics.

Some examples may be due to Early Installment Weirdness and/or Executive Meddling. Others are What Could Have Been.

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  • Spock's Character Development, particularly in the Star Trek films, was learning to accept his human and Vulcan halves in equal measure, after striving for so long to be purely Vulcan.

Live-Action Television

  • Liam Kincaid in Earth: Final Conflict started out as a Half-Human Hybrid with unusual powers but (due to story inconsistencies and new plot developments, and explained in universe by the character himself in almost the exact wording of this trope's title) he became more human over time (it was implied that this happened because he was living among humans, on Earth).
  • Space1999: Maya, the telepathic shapeshifter from the planet Psychon, was a Rubber Forehead Alien who became more human-looking (though never lost the forehead) over the course of the show (due to Executive Meddling).
  • Babylon 5: Delenn, a Minbari experiments with human culture, and even goes so far as to alter herself genetically into a Half-Human Hybrid. She doesn't lose the bone on her head, but it is diminished, and with her beautiful head of human hair, it resembles a Tiara more than anything. An example of this development being plotted way in advance.
  • Star Trek: Spock, but this was mostly in the movies. See Film above.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Data, though most of the time he is tragically unaware of how close he is to "being a real boy."
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Odo, a fluid Changeling who stays in "solid" rubber forehead form most of the time for budget reasons. At first he is very reluctant to indulge in humanoid activities, finding that he gets nothing like pleasure or satisfaction out of them (or so he claims). He becomes way more comfortable with humanoid life after being forced by his own kind to live as a humanoid for months as punishment for killing another shapeshifter. He got better, of course, but after that he was a straight example of this trope.
  • Completely inverted by Farscape: John Crichton starts out as a Na´ve Newcomer to the Uncharted Territories. By the end of the series, he is a Genre Savvy Badass Longcoat who's more comfortable among aliens than his own kind, and arguably considers the Uncharted Territories his adopted home. One could argue that due to all the alien Mind Rape he experienced over the years, and all the false Earths he encountered, he's become More Alien With Time.
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