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Hyper Destructive Bouncing Ball
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(Idea by Vree)

A ball (or some other projectile) bounces around incredibly quickly in a small location and causes vast amounts of damage. Hilarity Ensues.

Unlike the Pinball Projectile, the trajectory of the Hyper-Destructive Bouncing Ball is completely random and always leaves a swath of destruction in its wake. They tend to display unbelievable inertia and won't stop ricocheting unless someone/thing catches it. They also take the Law of Conservation of Momentum and, as Yahtzee would say, throw it in a bin, as it's not uncommon for one to inexplicably speed up when it hits a wall. No wonder it's generally Played for Laughs.

  • In an Archie Comics story where the cast are portrayed as superheroes, Evilheart (Reggie) and Pureheart (Archie) fight a baddie who has a ring that causes objects to rapidly degrade. Every weapon they fire at him, he simply destroys. To get the better of him, Evilheart tosses out a little black ball, which bounces all over the room. Because it is so quick, the villain can't hit it, and eventually his weapon runs out of juice. There is a subversion, though, because in trying to destroy the ball, the villain also destroys all his loot-- which means it can't be returned to the victims, so Evilheart has to pay reparations.
  • This happens in the remake of Flubber (or at least, it did in the trailer)
  • This apparently actually happens if you fire a shot into a tank, and this idea was used in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • One of the Toyman's weapons in Superman: The Animated Series was a substance called Gloop (?) that bounces faster the longer it bounces. The idea is that eventually it'll become fast enough that the impact'll break bones.
  • The Order of the Stick: "Follow the bouncing ball children", of course, the ball has a Symbol of Insanity on it...
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