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The Horrors of Male Nudity
To straight male characters, a naked man is automatic Nausea Fuel
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The Spoony One on The Clones of Bruce Lee

The tendency of male, heterosexual characters in fiction to react with horror/disgust at the sight of a naked man. Especially common in teen comedies.

Often can be interpreted as a form of Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?, but can also happen when the character is all alone.



[[folder:Comic Books]]

  • Scott Pilgrim is visibly freaked upon walking in on his gay roommate having sex. More justified than most examples as it was actual gay sex in stead of just nudity, and it was a friend of his as well.


  • In American Pie, Jim is seeing trying to avoid looking at the men in a porn film. This is supposedly common in young boys who are just discovering porn, but Jim's a little old for that.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]

  • While watching a porno in That '70s Show, Eric and company briefly recoil with disgust at "guy butt."


  • This is Sonichu's Weaksauce Weakness; anything phallic (even pickles on a hamburger!) makes him weak and nauseaus. Taken Up to Eleven when he sees drawings of his wife with a penis and vomits continously for the next few pages. His creator shares this weakness, see Web Original below.
  • The Penny Arcade strip above, though to be fair that was actual gay sex, not just nudity.

[[folder:Web Original]]

  • The Spoony One does this on occasion.
  • Chris-Chan is well-known for this, having at least two videos that show him being unable to even say the word "dick" without grimacing in disgust.

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