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Cats resemble ninjas in a variety of ways; stealth, speed, acrobatic stunts, etc. And so, in a work involving both cats (whether as literal Talking Animals or merely symbolic Animal Motifs or whatever may lie in between) and ninja themes, expect the ninja role to tend towards cats.

Compare Cats Are Magic and Cats Are Superior.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • The Neko Ninja from Usagi Yojimbo are a clan of anthropomorphic feline ninjas.


Other Sites

Video Games
  • In BlazBlue Taokaka probably counts (it's not made clear how catlike she is under her hood, but she and the other kaka definatly behave like cats). She even becomes an actual ninja (Bang's apprentice to be exact) in some joke endings. Her progenitor-via-cloning Jubei inverts this by being a cat Samurai and his daughter Kokenoe is a Cat Mad Scientist.
  • Ninja Cat is a free online flash game at Kongregate, where you play a ninja cat.
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