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Oppression Hurts Everyone
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It's obvious that oppression hurts the victims. But what about the victimizers? How fun is it really to live at other people's expense? And even if you are socipathic enough to enjoy that, you can never feel safe on every level. In some works, oppression is simply a bad idea that sucks for pretty much everyone involved.

Compare and contrast Troubled Sympathetic Bigot and Heel Realization as well as Dystopia Is Hard.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • Whatever Love Means have several chapters on how patriarchial oppression against women is bad for men. For example, one chapter claim that puritanism was developed by women to deny themselves and men sexual enjoyment - not out of evil, but out of desperation: When men had all the power, their own bodies was the only thing the women had left to bargain with.

  • In Time give us a bleak society when the wealthy can live forever at the expense of the poor. The plot starts with how the guilt of this make one rich guy commit suicide and hive his remaining assets to one of the two protagonists. Soon thereafter we meet the second protagonist, a rich woman who discover terrorism as her salvation from the self-hatred her privileged social situation has imposed on her. Left alone at the top we see her father - a pitiful tyrant, surrounded by bodyguards. Always fearing for his own life and always alone, having lost his daughter and emotionally alienated his wife.
  • In Simon And The Oaks, the titular character's parents are well-meaning, but kinda oppressive. Their oppressiveness give them power over him, but also poison him against them. They end up spending the most of the story worrying that he will turn his back on them completely.

  • This philosophy is explained in The Wheel of Time as The Way of the Leaf. They point out that when an axe cuts down a tree the axe takes damage too.
  • Demonstrated by George Orwell on himself in the short story Hunting an Elephant.
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