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Vacation Crossover
Characters from one show take a vacation... and run into characters from another show.
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So, you have two shows that you really want to Cross Over, but there's a problem - they live half-way around the world from each-other. What to do?

A common solution is for the characters of one work to visit the city where another work is set for some leisure time (for example, vacation, concert, sporting event, movie premiere), and just happen to run into each other.

See also In the Past, Everyone Will Be Famous for when time-traveling vacationists just happen to run into historical figures.


Comic Books

Fan Fiction

Live-Action TV
  • The DCLAU loves this.
    • The Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana has Justin and Alex from Wizards win a competition to board the ship from On Deck, while Hannah Montana also boards it on her way to a concert in Honolulu.
    • The Good Luck Charlie episode "Charlie Shakes It Up" has Charlie, Teddy and Amy visit their great aunt in Chicago, only to be taken to the Shake It Up studio when they are mistaken for a dance duo.
    • Austin & Jessie & Ally has Jessie on the way to the New York Ball Drop when she runs into Austin and Ally stuck in traffic, who are set to perform there themselves.
    • In the I'm In The Band episode "Weasles On Deck", the Weasles go vacationing on the Tipton cruise ship and end up running into Zack and Cody.
    • This isn't limited to just their English-language shows. In the Peter Punk episode "El Duel (Con Zeke y Luther)", Zeke and Luther travel to Argentina on vacation, and subsequently draw the attention of Peter's love interest Evelyn. Jealous, Peter challenges them to a skateboard duel, despite not knowing how to skate.
  • In a crossover night special on ABC, characters from Roseanne, The Drew Carey Show, Coach and Grace Under Fire run into each other in Las Vegas, where they're all on vacation.
  • The Ricardos rent out their Connecticut house for two months to Danny Thomas and his New York Make Room For Daddy family in the Lucy Desi Comedy Hour episode "Lucy Makes Room for Danny", as Rick is filming a movie in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the job falls through at the last minute and the two families are forced to live together.

Western Animation

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