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Thrifty Scot

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I noticed this trope was mentioned on the pages about Jewish people being stereotyped as cheap and/or greedy, and it gets a mention on the National Stereotypes page, but there's no page for this old Scottish stereotype trope. Basically, the stereotype is that Scottish people are thrifty and always save their money.

Examples: (all the ones I can think of at the moment are Disney ones, but I'm sure there are non-Disney examples out there)

The Disney cartoon Pigs Is Pigs has a thrifty Scot start the whole conflict--Mc Morehouse is convinced that guinea pigs are "pets" and not "pigs," not on a scientific basis, but because the shipping rate for pigs is 48 cents while pets go for only 44 cents. (I am not sure if he was obviously Scottish in the original Pigs Is Pigs book aside from his name, but the cartoon gives him a Scottish accent and stereotypical outfit.)

Scrooge McDuck has a Scottish accent

Angus Mc Badger in the Disney version of Wind in the Willows is Scottish and is in charge of Toad's money

The wartime cartoon "Spirit of '43" starring Donald Duck has Donald's thrifty side represented by a Scottish duck.
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