Gold Colored Superiority
If something is gold-colored or has a gold-colored version, it will be stronger than others.
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Sometimes Red Ones Go Faster. Sometimes, though, golden ones do.

This is Law of Chromatic Superiority applied to the gold color. This has to do with the assumption that gold, as the metal, is rare, and thus something golden is standing for wealth and power.

This could be by a gold Sixth Ranger being equal to or better than the Red Ranger, an already Red character turning gold as an upgrade, a gold tier above other tiers, or something else. Whatever the case, Gold is simply the best.

Chrome Champion, Bling Bling Bang and Bling of War are related, but are not part of the same Metallic Motifs purpose of "just better" as the Law of Chromatic Superiority.

Compare Power Glows, Gold and White Are Divine and Golden Super Mode, as well as Gold Beats Iron for when the metal gold is considered better, even when it's not logically practical.


Anime & Manga
  • In Digimon Tamers, Takato's red digivice is destroyed, but his replacement is gold. His and his partner's Super Mode, Gallantmon Crimson Mode, does stick with traditional red, though.
  • Char Aznable of Gundam fame changes his usual color from red in the original Mobile Suit Gundam to gold in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam where he fights for the AEUG, piloting the Hyaku-Shiki under the alias of Quattro Bajeena (The idea being that the Gold paintjob as actually an anti-beam coating) he goes back to using red for Char's Counterattack though. Even more iconic about this change is that Char caused an entire trope in part about his normal color scheme.
  • The gold cloths of Saint Seiya, seeing how all the gold saints are extremely powerful. The full breakdown in Saint Seiya is Bronze < Silver < Gold < God. This last one is used only by Gods, though there is an important exception late in the Hades Saga. It's also worth noting that five Bronze saints, basically Mooks / Red Shirts for the good guys, manage to fight their way up that chain all the way up to god and beat their opponents throughout the course of the series.
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam... the Shining Gundam has a Turns Red Super Mode early on, but when it gets upgraded to the God Gundam, it instead gets a GOLDEN Super Mode. This is much more powerful since it's powered by Inner Peace, while the original, red super-mode was just powered by Unstoppable Rage.
  • Dragon Ball Goku's original power multiplier was the Kaioken which had him Turn Red and maxed out at 20x base power. When that wasn't enough to beat Frieza he transformed into a Gold Super Saiyan, 50x base power.
  • In Bleach, Don Kanouji seizes gold for his Sentai color after the rest of the team spends an entire episode arguing over who gets to be red. They eventually settled on two reds in addition to his gold.


Live-Action TV


Video Games

Visual Novels
  • In Umineko no Naku Koro ni, in addition to the red text, which speaks an absolute truth (from the point of view of the speaker at least), the Game Master - the witch who "writes" the scenario of the current game - can use golden text, which indicates that they fully understands the rules of the game, and can be superior to the red. After reaching the truth of Beatrice's game, Battler uses the golden truth to confirm that Kinzo is definitely Deader than Dead, when his position prevents him from saying it in red without proof.

Real Life
  • Author Sir Terry Pratchett remarked that he had a unique Death's Head signet ring made in silver. Then fans started ocpying it and the licenced merchandising company marketed a replica. So it wasn't unique any more. So he had a version made in gold. This was unique until the first gold versions appeared for fans with more disposable income. Terry has since considered upping the ante to platinum. He speculates that when platinum Discworld rings start to appear, he should move to something which is so unique it'll be practically unwearable, perhaps one cast in solid mercury that has to be kept in a physics lab freezer at minus 100%, or perhaps one in plutonium that nobody, including the author himself, would dare wear...

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