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I wasn't able to find this one through the wikisearch, but I was able to find We Come in Peace Shoot to Kill.

Okay, so you've had your first encounter with an alien race. They don't seem hostile, and might even be friendly. So, how do you let them know you don't want to hurt them?

You say hello.

This can happen in reverse, of course, with the alien race indicating their peaceful intentions this way. If a character uses the specific phrase, it can overlap with I Always Wanted to Say That.

Of course, this can be cruelly subverted, with a visitor indicating peaceful intentions just before slaughtering the Puny Humans.

Played Straight
  • In Explorers, one of the young heroes greets an alien with "We come in peace", because it seems like the right thing to do. The alien, in turn, replies, "Ehhh, what's up, doc?"
  • In The Abyss, Bud Brigman tries a more casual approach when confronted by aliens: "Howdy. Uh... How are you guys doin'?"
  • In Independence Day, the government sends military choppers displaying greetings in all the languages of the world. It ends badly.

  • In the movie I Come in Peace, the main alien says this to the Earthlings almost out of reflex, but in reality he wants to steal their brain fluid for the intergalactic drug trade.
  • In Mars Attacks!!, the Martians' translator indicates that they are all shouting "We come in peace! We come in peace!" as they're blowing everything to kingdom come.
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