Rule Of Cast Attractiveness
The cast of a work is on average more attractive than the general populace.
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The cast of a work is on average more attractive than the general populace.

The selection of cast members during the production of a work is not just a matter of how well an actor/actress plays a role; it's also about the actor's invariable individual characteristics.

Basically, the more people go to watch a given work a particular cast has a role in, the better. Or, in these terms, the more attractive a person, the more likely they will make a career as cast members.

Can lead to Adaptational Attractiveness. Supertrope to Hollywood Homely, Hollywood Old, Hollywood Pudgy and Hollywood Thin, Playing Gertrude and Real Women Have Curves. Compare Big Bra to Fill, Generic Cuteness and Most Common Superpower.

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  • Discussed in Last Action Hero, when the Genre Savvy kid points out that everybody's attractive, particularly the clerk who is way too attractive to be working at Blockbuster.
    I agree, she should be working with us... undercover

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