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Literal Money Maker.
Artifact that produces money. Formerly: Sampo
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An artifact that will produce money directly. Works (unless its a parody) will rarely bring up how the money it creates will be worthless due to simple economics. With modern currencies, serial numbers are also an issue, forcing either a duplicate or number not in use (Counterfeit) A type of Zillion-Dollar Bill.

Alt titles: Money Tree.

  • The "Endless Coin Sack" of Wario Land: Shake It!
  • King Orgnum's Coffer is an artifact that appears in The Elder Scrolls Arena. Curiously it is absent from the sequels (the only artifact to disappear from the series), though the original owner is mentioned in a few in game books.
  • Averted on The Fairly Oddparents, Da Rules prevent wishing for money (or other unique limited quantity goods such as tickets to an event) as it would require counterfeiting or theft (which are wrong).
  • The Coinbox from Coinbox Hero. It's just like the multi-coin blocks from Super Mario Bros., except it produces an infinite about of coins, and the harder you hit it, the more valuable the coins are. Ironically, the only reason you're collecting the coins is so you can buy a tac-nuke to destroy it.

Variants that produce non currency "valuable" objects such as unstamped gold.

  • The goose that lays golden eggs from the fairy tale Jack and the beanstalk. Also in the movie Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • The golden ring Draupnir in Norse Mythology would make eight copies of itself every ninth night.
  • Turning lead into gold was the end goal of alchemy.
  • The Sampo of Finnish mythology.
  • An Italian Scrooge Mc Duck comic has a silver making Philosopher's Stone. A rare example that understands the economic implications for the trope, Scrooge (though not the Beagle Boys) realizes how bad it is, and is tracking it down to prevent its use to protect his interests in silver.
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