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Hindering Bug
Bugs and glitches in a game which don't prevent progress, but do make it more difficult.
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The player is infiltrating the Big Bad's stronghold, but then something happens. the characters are missing an arm or leg, maybe the colors of the cutscene are completely off, maybe the player can't reach a particular chest because part of the scenery is missing, but the player is still able to complete the game regardless.

This is a Hindering Bug, a glitch in the game that shows up, causes havoc, and then leaves as quickly as it came. Particularly egregious examples might have the player have to live with that glitch the ENTIRE RUN OF THE GAME in order to complete it. Some are merely irritating, others can make the game much more difficult to complete, or prevent some playstyles from being possible.

Compare Game-Breaking Bug, where such a bug actually prevents the player from being able to complete parts of the game at all, and contrast Good Bad Bugs, where the glitch is actually beneficial to the player.


  • In Dishonored, the first assassination mission has Corvo attempting to kill or discredit the High Overseer Campbell, who is also attempting to poison a person that Corvo must protect to complete a sidequest. For this the player must enter the meeting room and either switch the poison glasses, poison both, or break both glasses for the discredit option. The problem is a bug of unknown cause which sometimes causes the 2 of them to go on alert the moment Corvo enters the meeting room, regardless of where or how, making killing people with the poison glasses as well as witnessing the entire scene impossible.
  • Survival The Ultimate Challenge has several quirks and bugs which make the game more difficult to play than was intended.
    • Having a survivor interact with certain objects causes the survivor to drop an object they're already holding, while interacting with other objects doesn't do this.
    • Some objects, including animals and occasionally, survivors, spawn in at a location which cannot be walked on, making resources inaccessible to the survivors or trapping survivors in a place where they cannot move.
  • Armor Games' Web Game Warfare 1917. Sometimes when a unit is moving forward it will get stuck while entering a trench and effectively cease to exist (can't do anything) even though it's still on the screen.
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown: It's possible for a SHIV to be spawned without a weapon, making it useless for anything other than scouting and a few rounds of alien target practice. On higher difficulties the loss of a spot on the squad can end the mission before it begins and the precious time and resources that went into building that defective unit (or worse, several of them) can potentially sink a whole game.
First Person Shooter
  • Borderlands retains a glitch with the car and ammunition and health capacity upgrades. Upon exiting the car your equipped weapons and health bar will only be filled to their base capacity, rather than including the amount your class mod and skill points have upgraded them by.

Western RPG
  • The last version of Neverwinter Nights 2 released before the Hasbro lawsuit against the publisher stopped all patches retained a randomly occurring bug where characters would walk a ways under keyboard control, but then when they stopped they would keep using the walk animation. If the player started them walking again, they would go a bit further, then suddenly snap back to where they started walking from.
  • The fact that you will occasionally fall through the platforms in Ice Climber.
  • There is a glitch in the original Sonic the Hedgehog where the final boss can be hit during his defeat animation, which, if done, will cause him to now take 255 hits to defeat, thus making the fight all but Unwinnable until Sonic loses a life.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines had a bug where, depending on your class, the tutorial required you to use a power you don't have, thus rendering it unplayable. However, since the tutorial is optional, it's not a Game-Breaking Bug.
  • In the DS port of Plants vs. Zombies, when playing Adventure Mode for the second time, Crazy Dave's three plants that he picks for you will stay the same for each individual level (unlike other versions where it is random every time), even if you restart your DS.
  • Nongame example: In the Windows versions of GIMP 2.8 there was a shearing bug where if you use the Spacebar to scroll the window around too fast, redraw events start firing faster than the program can actually process them. This leads to massive graphical garbage and system lag, but when it's all cleared up it's actually quite harmless to the document content.
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