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Abusively Sexy

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In fiction, abuse can fun. Even sexy. The victims are fictional anyway, and only real people have real rights.

People who would never enjoy horrors committed against real people can often enjoy the suffering of fictional individuals, and many authors fully take this into account. Abusively Sexy is abuse played for Fetish Fuel. This can happen on four levels:

  1. Civilization: A Planet of Hats or particulary grim Fetish-Fuel Future.
  2. Organization: A religious cult, criminal network or whatever fills the role.
  3. Couple: A husband and wife may be sweet and respectful towards each other, sharing their mutual hobby of torturing someone else.
  4. Individual: This level is covered by the gendered subtropes Abusively Sexy Bastard and Abusively Sexy Bitch. Putting individual characters as example in the supertrope should only be done if the character is a of unknown gender or a genderless shapeshifter/alien/whatever.

The husband and wife of an Abusively Sexy couple should normally only be mentioned here in the supertrope - it's redundant to also mention them in the gendered subtropes, unless they also have individual adventures where they are effectively single or in another relationship with a different dynamic. For individuals who represent a civilization or an organization, it's a matter of whether they act as individuals, as representatives, or both.

When combined with Evil Is Sexy, or any other of the Evil Tropes, Abusively Sexy is likely to lead to Draco in Leather Pants. However, the Abusively Sexy group or person is not necessarily portrayed as evil at all.

Note that abuse played for Fetish Fuel is rarely played only for Fetish Fuel. It is often a mix of Fetish Fuel, High Octane Nightmare Fuel, Fetish Retardant, Nausea Fuel and so on, and the Fetish Fuel component is sometimes calculated to maximize the horror value.

A stock trait of Horny Devils. Contrast Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Contrast Hollywood Masochism, since the Abusively Sexy behavior is clearly abusive - however, as the stories progress, Abusively Sexy have a tendency to shift over into becoming Hollywood Masochism instead. There can also be some overlap regarding physical safety and such.


Comic Books
  • The second and third issue of Lou Kagan's Perils of Penelope features a religious cult which religious doctrine seem to be limited to the ideas that pain is spiritual and that brainwashing people by tying them up and spanking them is the best way to get new converts. These cultists are the Designated Villains of a quite weak Excuse Plot.

  • The Hellraiser movies have this as a component, creeping most viewers out even further. "We have such sights to show you".

  • Slave World covers all four levels. On the civilization level, the entire slaveworld is this kind of grim Fetish-Fuel Future. On the otganization level, the army of England is designed to maintain social order by turning uppity serfs into Sex Slave cyborgs. On the couple level, Prince Samuel and Lady Isobel has this as their mutual hobby. On the individual level, most aristocrats qualify for the appropriately gendered trope.
  • Most civilizations on Gor seem to be built with this as one of their basic premises.
  • Most novels by Marquis De Sade (the guy who "sadism" is named after) stays strictly in Abusively Sexy territory, being about unrestrained sadism rather then mutual sadomasochism. It's all played for Fetish Fuel and political satire about how hypocritical, oppressive and unjust the socioeconomic system really was.

Live-Action TV
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit sometimes go for having their cake and eat it too, denouncing the horrors of sexual abuse by displaying it in almost pornographic details. One episode named "slaves" revels in the details oh how a young romanian woman has been imprisoned, brainwashed and used as sextoy by an american couple. Lots of neatly presented details about the horrors she endured makes for a strange mix of Fetish Fuel and Nausea Fuel. Surprisingly, the detectives let the wife off the hook in exchange for selling out her husband, in spite of the fact that she murdered the girls aunt without even informing her husband about it afterwards.

  • Several of Blutengels songs go along these lines - often on a gender-neutral and structural level, talking about the lifestyles of vampires in general rather then about the actions of individual vampires.

Tabletop Games
  • In the old World of Darkness game Vampire: The Masquerade supplement Ghouls: Fatal Addiction, The Camarilla was played straight as this kind of oganization. The theme of playing the social structure between Vampires and Ghouls as Abusively Sexy is hinted in the core rulebook as well as many other supplements, but it's much more blatant in "Ghouls". (In this setting, a "ghoul" is a human who drinks vampire blood. The blood makes her superhumanly strong, make her stop aging, let her heal faster and increases her sexual urges, but it also enslaves her under the Vampire's will.)
  • The new World of Darkness book Possessed is based on the seven deadly sins, and the "lust" part is designed for creating characters (of either gender) who are Abusively Sexy.
  • Book Of The Dead, one of the new World of Darkness books for Sineater and Mage, is about realms of the dead. One of them is a very friendly place called Oppia, that offer a abundance of food and Sex Slaves. Of course, it's very easy to break a rule and get enslaved yourself. Some of the slaves chose to remain slaves after they served the term of their punishment.

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  • November 2, 2010
    Revising Bastard Boyfriend
  • November 3, 2010
    I for one am getting sick of going to YKTTW and seeing multiple "sexual abuse is sexy" tropes.

    We already have all this stuff covered. We do not need any more tropes on this stuff. We have Safe Sane And Consensual, we have Surreal Masochism, we got Its Not Rape If You Enjoyed It, and we have Bastard Boyfriend.

    This suggested trope isn't even a stand alone, it's just a proposed supertrope for stuff we already have covered. All three of your examples are already examples on the other pages.

    We don't need this.
  • November 3, 2010
    Huh, now? Bastard Boyfriend is gendered male only. And none of the other tropes you mention are "sexual abuse is sexy". Even Its Not Rape If You Enjoyed It is very hard to twist into meaning that.

    However, if we put it quite differently, then yes: There have been a bit much of "Issues regarding gender, sexuality, abuse, prejudice et cetera" lately. And don't worry, I'm also getting tired of it. :-)

    Sure, this is a field that interest me - I have an academic degree in it, and work professionally with such issues. But troping is my hobby, and there are a lot of other tropes I'm working on that I have had to put on hold to get this stuff out of the way.

    It has indeed been a bit much lately, but most of this phase is already out of the way, and much of what's left is about to get finished: Hollywood Masochism will be out of the way in a few days, while this trope will probably be finished or sink out of sight within a week. And I'll be back to Nerd In Evils Helmet (still haven't gotten around to reinstalling photoshop, and noone else have yet provided me the image I asked for) as well as calibrating Could Be Either Trope and pondering the line between Path Of Inspiration and Scam Religion.

    In the meantime, please focus on the tropes that actually interest you. Maybe you could help me flesh out the Bible example for Scam Religion? The example is about the Anti Christ setting up a scam religion according to some interpretations of the book of revelations.
  • November 3, 2010
    Anyway, please let me remind you that I was the one who argued that we should have only ONE trope for this, while you was one of the people who argued that we should have it divided into more then one trope. I wanted Bastard Boyfriend to be gender neutral, but you guys argued that it and the Distaff Counterpart should be separate tropes. And shimaspawn had a convincing argument, so now we are on that track.

    If we didn't have the female trope separately we wouldn't need to have the structural level separately either: The same trope that covered individual males and females would also cover couples, organizations and civilizations. With male and females as separete tropes, we also need the supertrope to cover those levels.

    That the same work is also an example in different tropes, meh, sorry, that's not even a weak argument. That's only "Huh? what the santa davaka is he talking about?"

    Lets say that your argument had instead been that structures contain individuals. Then you would at least have had a weak point.

    In my opinion, the SVU example should NOT be filed under the male subtrope: That couple was into it together, and the detectives force-feeding the murderous woman a Get Out Of Jail Free Card was IMHO nothing more then What The Hell Hero - a common trope in that show.

    The Perils of Penelope example should not go into gendered subtropes either: Sure, the arch-priest and arch-priestess are individual characters, but they are primarily representatives of their organization.

    The first two books of Gor is a bit of a borderline case, but I really don't think the protagonist qualifies for the individual trope - he's merely trying to fit in with the culture that is his new home. Later books might qualify, but I haven't read them.

    Of the four current examples, only Slave World qualifies for an overlap worth mentioning: In the Slave World novels, Lady Isobel's quest to rescue her fiancee and her quest to find the love of her life are separate storylines.
  • November 4, 2010
    Anyone know how the new lines of World Of Darkness games are handling this trope? I would guess that Vampire The Requiem continue on the same path as it's predecessor, and I think maybe Sineater had a bit of this too? Changeling The Lost is a different matter - if I have understood that game correctly it uses a similar social structure but play it as straight horror without Fetish Fuel.
  • November 5, 2010
    When I think of Abuse of Sexy, I think of abuse in a positive light. How si the SVU example in anyway put into a positive light? Or is it in any way sexy? This seems more like Abusive Group or Abusive Society or Sex Abuse for Everyone, than soemthing that is abusive and shown as sexy. not a bad trop, but the title doesn't work, at all. And the description needs work.
  • November 5, 2010
    Hi collex.

    This trope is NOT meant to be about abuse cast in a positive light. "Sexy" does not always equal "good". Compare Evil Is Sexy. :-)

    As for the SVU example, isn't that entire show run on "The joy and entertainment value of High Octane Nightmare Fuel"? The show is sitting on all chairs at once, combining Nausea Fuel with Fetish Fuel and Fetish Retardent in their habit of showing how horrible sexual abuse is by displaying it in pornographic detail. Sex Is Evil, Evil Is Sexy, Sex Is Evil And I Am Horny, Good People Have Good Sex, and so on, all baked into one.

    Thank you for your input. I'll rework both the description and the SVU example in a bit, based on our conversation.