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I thought we had this one!

So you've got the hero. He's good. He's definately good. He not only pets the dog, he brings it into a good home and gives it a warm meal.

Then he goes after the jackass who left the poor thing shivering and starving in the rain, shoves said jackass against the wall, and delivers a talking-to while the jackass pisses himself out of fear.

This guy is not a Knight Templar. This guy beats the living daylights out of Knights Templar for abandoning the way of good. And he does have mercy when it's warranted. He doesn't even need to be an Anti-Hero. All he needs to do is be the good guy who--surprise, surprise--knows how to kick ass.

  • Quentyn Quinn of Tales of the Questor. Look at the sample panel from the comic. Later on, he uses 3 wishes to UTTERLY, COMPLETELY RUIN an Unseileigh Fae, making the Humiliation Conga look like a lighthearted jig.
  • Batman. Just Batman.
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