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During the course of the movie, the characters somehow end up being in a crowd with some nice music. Alice wants to dance, and so she does... then pulls Bob. When Bob was being drawn, he pulls Clair. And while doing so, Clair grabs Emely, and so on and so forth, until almost everyone is in the dance.

This is the Dance Line - wherein people who normally weren't dancing earlier dance because they are pulled in, and in doing so pulls another one from the crowd. Singing isn't required, but when it does, it may soon end up with a Crowd Song. Bonus points if Bob or the others cannot dance.

Related to Crowd Song. Usually a form of Happy Dance.


Film - Animated
  • Rapunzel does this upon visiting the Kingdom in Tangled as part of her Falling in Love Montage.
  • Near the end of Happy Feet, the main characters are trying to get all the penguins to dance, over the objections of the elder. They're not forced to dance, per se, but convinced to dance, causing a sort of domino effect.

Film - Live Action
  • In Just Visiting, when Andre and the neighbor maid Amber visit a nightclub, they initiate one which promptly shows Hunter two-timing with another girl.
  • The title character does this in "Cuban Pete" sequence in The Mask. He pulls a female police officer out of a crowd of cops and starts dancing with her, and soon everyone's dancing in a conga line.
  • Jenna does this in the Thriller sequence in 13 Going on 30


Western Animation
  • In the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Headband", Aang is trying to teach some Fire Nation kids how to relax and have fun and does this at his secret dance party.

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