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Lights Out Level

A level with minimum visibility

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Simply put, this is a level in game, where you are in the dark, with little visibility of your surroundings (or in the most extreme cases, none at all). Done well, it can create an stressing atmosphere or at least force you to move carefully, reacting to every sound and suspicious detail. Done poorly, it can of course be a very irritating case of Fake Difficulty.


Hack and Slash
  • During a short sequence of Mission 8 in Devil May Cry 3, you have to go through the Leviathan's stomach with nothing but an object that lights your surroundings in a maybe 1-meter radius. And there are acid puddles to avoid.

Platform Game
  • Done in Crash Bandicoot: Warped, which has an Egypt-based level where your only sources of light are fireflies that you pickup at different points of the level. But if you're not fast enough, the firefly goes away and you find yourself in pitch black darkness.

Stealth-Based Game
  • In Metal Gear Solid 3, just after fighting Ocelot, you fall in an underground cave and have to either use your night vision goggles, or if you don't have those, find a torch somewhere in the cave. Without light you can see just enough to make out the walls, but having some makes it much easier to find your way − and bonus items.

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