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Band of Heroes
A group of heroes working together as a team.
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Born from this TRS about Five-Man Band; specifically, from this post and the ones after it.

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Title Voting: Band Of Heroes (2 votes), Team Of Heroes, Heroic Team, Hero Team, Heroic Ensemble (2 votes), Fellowship Of Heroes (1), and The Team (4 votes).

A group of people formed up into a team, whose members are split along particular roles and possess skills which complement one another and contribute to the entire group in their own unique way. Many of the most common team roles are listed under The Index Team. The Team may or may not have an actual name of its own.

Most importantly, the Team has to have teamwork as its basic modus operandi; that is, they would seek to tackle any problems that any of their group encounters together, unless circumstances dictate otherwise (e.g. one of them has been ambushed while away from the others, or the problem involves participating in an official competition of one-on-one matches).

They can sometimes be a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits. They may eventually become a Fellowship Of True Companions, if they don't start as one in the first place.

If the team's membership is large enough, there may be two or more characters holding the same "role", though often in different ways; a team may for example have an Omnidisciplinary Scientist-slash-Gadgeteer Genius as the tech-savvy Smart Guy and The Strategist-slash-The Chessmaster as the tactics/manipulation-savvy Smart Guy. Likewise, you may have two Big Guys, each of whom has a distinct fighting style -- e.g. one is the long-range heavy-weapons specialist with a mean haymaker if you come up close, the other is the Big Freaking Sword-wielding close-quarters bruiser -- or they're a Battle Couple duo, with the female half being possibly a case of Cute Bruiser and/or Muscles Are Meaningless (unless Amazonian Beauty is in play), and their respective fighting styles follow some sort of a "masculine vs. feminine" contrast (and not necessarily with the "right" sex)

This is the Super Trope to Power Trio and Team of Five. If it's a military group, it's The Squad. If enough members are legitimately Badass, it may also be a Badass Crew. They can also be a Dream Team. Compare and contrast Band of Brothers.



[[folder: Anime & Manga]] [[/folder]]

[[folder: Film - Live-Action]]
  • The Fellowship of the Ring in The Lord of the Rings, which was formed for the purpose of destroying the One Ring by going into the deepest parts of Mordor and casting it into the volcanic fires of Mount Doom, where it was originally forged.

[[folder: Live-Action TV]]
  • In Noob by Season 3, the Noob guild has six members, and goes through two notable temporary seventh ones.
    • The show has an Ensemble Cast, with Artheon being the closest to the Five-Man Band definition of The Hero. All There in the Manual states that Fantom (temporary member) fills the Jack-of-All-Stats aspect.
    • Omega Zell is The Lancer to Artheon.
    • The Big Guy (and usually tank) role has Artheon, Nazetrime during her brief tenure, then Fantom gets hired due to his capacity to fill the role despite the opportunity to show it never coming up afterwards.
    • The Smart Guy (and usually the one who nukes), is shared by Gaea (mostly self-serving planning), Ivy (Gadgeteer Genius), Artheon as part of his Leader role and Fantom on select occasions.
    • The Heart / The Chick role is shared by Sparadrap and Couette, who are also both (sort of) The Medic.
    • The Sixth Ranger is naturally Golgotha, the closest thing the team has to a second permanent big guy. Couette, qualifies also with her sporadic presence and Ystos is somewhere between this and Big Brother Mentor.
  • Firefly maintained an ensemble cast that portrayed the nine crew members of the ship, Serenity. The crew is driven by the need to secure enough income to keep their ship operational, set against their need to keep a low profile to avoid their adversaries.

[[folder: Video Games]]
  • Every one of the Suikoden games has it. 100% Completion requires having 108 characters on your team, a significant number of which are fighters, and using all their abilities to succeed in certain areas. Go ahead and try to divide them all up into classic character rolls.

[[folder: Webcomics]]
  • The Order of the Stick is a group of six adventurers and eventually two TeamPets. Some of the roles are distributed among several characters, notably by having two or three major damage-dealers and two people capable of outsmarting the leader.
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