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Non Relationship Girl
a girl who is somehow outside relationships
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In fiction, the female is usually a factor in romantic or sexual relationships. They are either portrayed as being a "slut" and chasing after all the guys, or a "prude" and having to overcome this in order to find her true love.

And then there's this girl. Like the Non-Action Guy, a girl who rather than being into relationships or actively averse to them, could not care less is somehow counter to what's expected of women. Since relationships are a two-way street, in order to fulfill this requirement, not only are they not interested in anyone romantically, but there doesn't seem to be anyone interested in them.

Often a trait of the Emotionless Girl, although some of them can in fact become involved in relationships (somehow) despite their deadpan personality.


  • Takano Akira from School Rumble qualifies. In romantic diagrams, she is interested in nobody romantically, and nobody is interested in her. The closest she seems to have is a rivalry with a male student.
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