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We know that a character is gay because we're told so, and not because they're allowed to display any sort of romantic feelings for those of the same gender.

For example, a man comes out of the closet, and even talks about past relationships, but we don't actually see him going on a date with another man, let alone having a sex scene with another man.

Inspired by the lesbian from Half Baked and the uncle from Little Miss Sunshine. Often accompanied with slurs such as "faggot" (Little Miss Sunshine) and "dyke" (Half Baked) and "fruitcake" (Miss Congeniality).

Showing a gay character kissing, holding hands, and going out to dinner and a movie with someone of the same sex would exclude that character from this trope. So Lois from Family Guy doesn't fit this trope, at least until later seasons. And since she's in a committed heterosexual relationship.

Often a case of Real Life for girls who claim to be bisexual because they think that it's wild and cool and will attract guys. The same "desperate to be cool" mentality goes for writers who put gay characters into their stories for shock value, to be alternative, or to show how open-minded they are, while not being able to stomach actually writing a gay romance, despite that good writers should show, not tell. This Token Gay is often found in a Dysfunctional Family Unit to show that society is backsliding away from Family Values. Such as the cross-dressing villain who thinks that he's his own sister from Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, whom Claire calls a "cross-dressing freak." Often used to express a writer's own homophobia through the safe outlet of his or her characters.

The unfortunate implication that you will die alone if you decide to choose the deviant lifestyle of gayness.

Will and Grace spent awhile getting Will a boyfriend while securing Grace as his soul mate. A prominent episode in the first(?) season being one where Grace has a boring romance in the typical manner with some guy in Story A, with Story B focusing on Will talking on the phone to some guy that he liked, in an unnecessary, one-episode version of He Who Must Not Be Seen.

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