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Hyper Hibernating
The character can sleep for ages and wake up raring to go.
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Basically, this character can do a Rip Van Winkle on purpose.

Much like Sealed Evil in a Can, a character who can Hyper Hibernate is cut off from the world for years or centuries at a time. Unlike the SEIAC, they can wake up or get out on their own power. It does, however, sometimes require a hapless mortal waking them up by drilling into their home, dripping blood on them, or setting off some sort of trigger.

Food, water, even air are rarely a concern, and aside from some way to hide and protect their body they have no real logistics issues. They may complain of stiffness and cobwebs, though.

It's common for monsters like Dragons and Vampires to be able to enter these periods of hibernation when food is scarce or to heal from grave injuries. While humans may be able to do this, immortality via technology or magic is usually necessary.

  • In the Underworld series the vampire Elders rotated their position as leader of the coven. While not in control, they remained in a suspended animation for centuries, from which they could be awakened by giving them blood.

  • In Narnia Father Time sleeps, and has slept, and will continue to sleep until the end of the world - at which point he'll wake up and blow his horn.

Tabletop RPG
  • In Vampire: The Masquerade vampires could do this when they ran out of blood. When blood was supplied to them they woke up again.
  • Classic Traveller Double Adventure The Chamax Plague/Horde. The Chamax were spider-like aliens who could hibernate for centuries when their food supply ran low. When any form of animal life approached they woke up and started hunting it.
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