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Skinny Dipping
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Skinny Dipping is swimming, but without the swimsuit. In the nude.

Usually, this is used in fiction for several reasons.

As mentioned above, Skinny Dipping is Truth in Television. It was a common practice back before the 1950's or so when swimsuits were impracical. It is still done today, though.

Related to Naked People Are Funny. Often the prelude to a Two-Person Pool Party. Can result to Naked People Trapped Outside. Super-trope to Gone Swimming, Clothes Stolen. Contrast Non-Nude Bathing.


Anime and Manga

  • In the first episode of Turn A Gundam, Loran goes skinny dipping in a river and gets swept away by the current. He's rescued by a couple of girls who also happen to be skinny dipping downstream.
  • Umisho is all about this.

Comic Books

  • ElfQuest has had one or two scenes where the elves swim and sunbathe in various states of undress, including total of course.
  • Happens in Bone.


  • The first victim of the Shark in Jaws is a female skinny dipping.
  • Forbidden Planet. Commander Adams visits Altaira while she's swimming by herself.
Altaira: Come on in!
Adams: Didn't bring my bathing suit.
Altaira: What's a bathing suit?
Adams: Oh, murder!


  • In The Great Brain all the boys go skinny dipping in the local pond on a regular basis. One summer it was so hot even the grown men went, crowding the boys out. (Girls and women had to stay at home in their large heavy period dresses and sweat the summer out.)
  • In Robert A. Heinlein's Time Enough for Love, Lazarus Long, 2000 years in the future, has to explain to his daughters / sisters / clones that people in the 20th Century actually wore clothes while swimming. They don't understand why anyone would.
  • In the book series Soup the narrator and the titular character skinny dips in the book Soup and Me. However, their clothes are stolen and they are forced to "borrow" dresses to cover themselves up.
  • In the Newbery book On My Honor this is an important plot point, because the protaganist Joel loses his friend Tony, who drowns (since this is a Newbery book).
  • In Trial by Journal, one character does this in the hotel pool at night.

Live-Action TV

  • Veronica Mars does it in one episode.
  • On Smallville, Clark had a fantasy about Lana and him skinny dipping in the epsiode "Slumber".
  • The opening of Petticoat Junction shows the girls skinnydipping in the water tank. In fact that's how that particular location gets its (unofficial) name, from the girls' petticoats draped over the side of the tank.
  • In Modern Family we learn that when she was a teenager Claire was caught by the police skinny-dipping in a neighbor's pool.

Western Animation

  • On Ren and Stimpy, Stimpy invites Ren to go skinny dipping while camping. Since they were already naked, this involved taking off their furs. They are then joined (to their great horror) by a whithered old man who just loves skinny dipping. And then by the man's wife, to their even greater horror. The old man later appears through the episode, practicing such activities as skinny stomping and skinny slapping.
  • Mulan has the title character taking a bath in the middle of the night so as not to reveal her identity. Hilarity ensues when she discovers that some of the other soldiers had the same idea.

Real Life

  • Before the 1960's, it was a common practice for boys in the YMCA to swim naked in the pools, [1] because swimsuits were impracical back then.
  • Similar to the above, it was a common practice for high school swimmers to swim nude during swimming practice, including Catholic high schoolers.
  • Even some US presidents were avid skinny dippings. Some of them included John Quincy Adams and Theodore Roosevelt.
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