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Blonde (usually) Pop Starlet
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Thanks to the massive success of women like Britney Spears, she has become the new archetype of "Pop Star," and movies and TV shows often feature a paper thin Parody or Expy of her image at various points of her career. She has a reputation for doing catchy but emotionally empty pop songs, large amounts of sex appeal (usually considered the only reason she's successful) and a large elaborate spectacle with back up dancers, unique costumes, and elaborate concerts (and is almost always covered in glitter, for some reason.)

Expect a My Nayme Is version of a common name.

This usually ends up going one of three ways:

  • Type 1: We realize that she is in fact as dumb as her music lets on.

  • Type 2: She is in fact very deep and intelligent and wants to perform deeper songs but can't because her typical pop fluff is what sells (as viewed by either her or the company).

  • Type 3: (more common after a breakdown) Her well groomed persona is all an act, and she's either a completely disgusting slob or a complete raging bitch to everyone who has the misfortune of knowing her.

See also Teen Idol, Idol Singer. May become a One-Hit Wonder.


  • Ginger Fox of iCarly combines both parts of Type 3, but is often one or the other.

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