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Would Ruin A Ruiner Club

A character ruins things or makes things worse.

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A character that serve to make situations worse generally through their incompetence or attitude. They are generally the ditz or the Cuckoo Cloudlander. The Ruiner in question usually tries to deny their ruining habits, or are too unaware to realize that they've done so. Attempts at fixing things usually just end up making things worse.


  • A key characterization of Britta on Community seems to be the fact that she has a tendency to ruin things or exacerbate bad situations. Characters have actually called her on this facet of her personality and she's been called more than once "the worst."
  • On Gilligan's Island it seems that half the attempts at trying to get off of the Island were stumped by Gilligan's incompetence.
  • Steve Urkel on Family Matters due to his Genius Ditz Bumbling Inventor qualities, usually ends up making the Winslow's lives and problems much worse.
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