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Drunk But Badass
When a character is able to be badass despite being heavily inebriated
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"Needs A Better Title" This is a badass subtrope for a scene where a person is heavily drunk, to the point where he/she is unable to walk straight and sees the whole place as a blur, but also has to do something that requires a lot of skill or talent. Viewers who aren't genre-savvy will start to worry if the stakes are high. However, the task turns out to be so second-nature to the character that even severe inebriation is not an obstacle. Does not count as Drunk But Badass unless the task is something requiring a special talent that the character possesses. It also does not count if being drunk actually makes the character better at what he/she does. Then you would have a Drunken Master.

Examples Include: In "Trigun", Vash the Stampede is able to outperform a bunch of gunslingers in a shooting competition, despite suffering from a severe hangover.

In "Samurai Champloo", Jin and Mugen manage to cleanly cut an apple sitting atop Fuu's head with their swords while drunk to earn performance money. Fuu comically pleads with them to call off the performance when she sees their drunken stupors.

In the film, "Snatch", the bare-knuckle boxing pikey, Mickey, is able to win a tough boxing match despite a long night of heavy drinking.
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