Around the Clock Protection
Bodyguard Walks an Invisible "Clock" around their Client and "Clocks" People
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A bodyguard walks a big circle or an invisible "clock" around their client, who is usually unaware of their danger. Meanwhile, the bodyguard is "clocking" the movements of everyone in the room and searching for people that intend harm against their client.

Examples: In the Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne does this for a very scared reporter named Simon Ross. They communicate via phones, while Jason tries to guide Ross away from Ross' killers and safely out of the train station. There is one very obvious moment where Ross freaks out and unwisely stands frozen where the cameras could see him, because he is convinced that the garbage man is a threat. Jason circles the room and reassures Ross that he is safe, but Ross panics and flees. In the episode, Masquerade, of the TV show, Person of Interest, Reese's client, Sophia is standing a little frightened in the middle of a club, searching for her best friend who has texted her to meet her there. Despite the harsh strobe lights, Reese circles around her and finds the men who are trying to shoot her. He fights one and gets another bad guy to show where he is, then leads his client safely out of the club.

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