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Space Station 13

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The Spiritual Ancestor to Mitadake High, and one of the most pervasive and popular Roleplayer Games on the BYOND platform, largely in part to Something Awful users who play it.

You are one of many people onboard Space Station 13 - one of many Space Stations deployed by the rather vauge Central Command. In all but one of the modes they address a game-generated problem, which is pointed out by Central Command through security stations. The haphazard and oftentimes quirky members of Space Station 13 then have to try to figure out the problem and a workable solution for it. Or evacuate. The following modes are as follows:

Traitor: By far the most played mode, as it's workable with the least amount of people: One of the members on the ship is The Mole, who is given a distinct objective. Be it to escape with a certain item, assassinate a member and escape, or escape alone, which generally requires you to Kill nearly everyone on ths station and reduce it to space debris in the process. They are given only their wits and one choice of Unobtanium (Be it a cloaking device, a pen filled with sleeper toxin, or other) to get them through this task.

Meteor: The shortest mode. A large meteor storm is assailing the station, and people have to escape the station alive or try to survive as the game slowly destroys the station.

Nuclear:(This Troper might be wrong on this one, someone double check him) The largest mode, often requiring a lot of people to play right: The station is guarding a nuclear bomb on the station, and The Mole again infiltrates with the sole objective of capturing the nuclear activation code and setting off the bomb.

Monkey: One person is designated as the first victim of a virus which turns the human immediately into a monkey. This person has to infect everyone else on the station, who become a monkey themselves upon biting or scratching. Generally descends into absolute chaos. Extended: The mode sety by default. There is no real objective or game-ender, and is generally used for long-term roleplaying and game testing.

Every player is allowed to pick three jobs which will they will be placed in accordingly. Whether it be medical teams, security, ersonell, the captain, the engineer. There are many jobs to choose from, each with their own spawning section and their onw things to maintain to make sure the station doesn't go to hell - if it already hasn't, with the traitor onboard.

--- Shows examples of:

Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each section had their own personal uniform color: Security Officers are Red, naturally. With Medical S Cientists and Doctors gettng white, head staff and the captain getting green uniforms. AIIsACrapshoot: One of the available jobs as of a recent update is the AI of the station. When the AI is the traitor, things don't go well. RecycledINSPACE: Inverted - Space Station 13 came before Mitadake High, which is Space Station 13 IN A HIGH SCHOOL!
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