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Invisibility Means Intangibility
I'm invisible therefore attacks are intangible.
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The tendency where using the Invisibility superpower somehow makes a person intangible - even though intangibility and invisibility are two different powers. The usual example is when a person is about to get hit, he goes invisible, causing the attack to fly through. Later on we realize that invisibility doesn't in fact, make him intangible. It's sort of like becoming a ghost, except they do not become a ghost.

Comic Books
  • The Fantastic Four character Invisible Woman can throw up forcefields that make it impossible to tell where she really is, which could look like intangibility for people not paying attention or unfamiliar.

Video Games
  • In Final Fantasy VI, Invisibility is a status effect that causes all physical attacks to not connect. A monster called "Intangir" is invisible by default, furthering the confusion between invisibility and intangibility.

Western Animation
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