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Post Tropeism

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In academia, adding the prefix "post" to a movement, theory, genre, etc is quite common. The best way to describe the meaning of "post" in this context is to see that "post" is a synonym for "beyond", building on the innovations, theories, style, etc of the original in such a way as to take it beyond what the original was, creating a new theory, genre, whatever, in the process.


  • Post-Modernism, (which refers to a large number of loosely connected movements, including, but not limited to the trope used here) gets it's name because it's goal was/is to move beyond the movement of modernism.
  • Bands such as the Foo Fighters have been called "post-grunge" because the borrow various elements of classic grunge, while at the same time experimenting with new elements
  • The Other Wiki once had a humorous example in an article named "Post Gangsta Rap", sadly, said article no longer exists, so we don't get an explanation.
  • Post Cyber Punk tries to move beyond the cynicism and hopelessness of Cyber Punk in various ways, such as giving hope for the future (The Matrix Trilogy does this with a messiah figure), showing the upside of technological progress, as well as the down side (works that focus entirely on the bright side of cyber-punk technologies are called "cyber prep") or by parodying or deconstructing Cyber punk tropes (Snow Crash comes to mind)
  • Reconstruction could be said to be "Post-Deconstruction, in that it tries to move the genre beyond the criticism of the deconstruction, while at the same time accepting said criticism.
  • Some Gamers refer to the years after 2001 as "Post Halo".
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