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Someone uses cats as a projectile weapon.
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Cats Are Mean. Not only that, but they're also little balls of teeth and claws in a relatively small size, and a propensity to cling to objects, possibly while scratching it as best they can. Expect to see Amusing Injuries in the form of tiny cuts to the face, where the cats will inevitably attach themselves. Variants include swinging a cat around like a melee weapon, or using a cat that can launch its own weapons.

A primarily comedic subtrope of Abnormal Ammo. Related to That Poor Cat. When an actual catapult is involved, it's usually a Visual Pun.


  • In Find Waldo Now, "The End of the Crusades" has a cat loaded onto the rightmost catapult.
  • In Lords And Ladies, a witch takes out an elf by stuffing a particularly ill-tempered cat into a box and having the victim open it, upon which the cat "went off like a claymore mine".

Live-Action Television
  • A variant: the Saturday Night Live Digital Short "Lasercats" and its sequels are about a pitch for a sci-fi series where cats can shoot lasers, and thus have replaced guns.
  • In the TV adaptation of Gormenghast, Flay throws one of Gertrude's cats at Swelter.


Video Games
  • In Postal 3 your character can throw vicious cats at opponents. Once the cat hits it holds on and continues to attack the victim. Watch it here.
  • Awesomenauts brings us Derpl Zork. When asked what form of devestation should be issued forth from his mighty combat walker, he simply drooled and said "I wuv cats". Thus came the holo-cat cannon. Yes, holographic cats.
  • With Second Life having tons of user created stuff, it wasn't long before a Cat Cannon was built.
  • Kitten Cannon is, well... a game where you shoot kittens with a cannon.
  • One of Yukari's attacks in Touhou Hisoutensoku is throwing Chen to the enemy.
  • In Melty Blood, Len can throw out cats to attack the opponent.
  • In the second level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, one of the level gags is a catapult that can launch cats.
  • In Ougon Musou Kyoku, one of Bernkastel's attacks is to use her cat minions as projectiles. She kind of does it in the visual novel too, although they "fly" rather than being thrown.

  • The aptly named Cat-A-Pult from League of Super Redundant Heroes has the power to levitate cats. This was his go-to attack, until he got more creative.
  • In The Order of the Stick #520, Belkar suddenly throws a cat into the face of the evil cleric he has been talking to. Turns out he was really looking forward to flinging an angry cat into someone's face.

Western Animation
  • Mayor Adam West defends his home in Family Guy with a crossbow that fires cats, which he stores in a large sack on his back.
  • The Crazy Cat Lady in The Simpsons ends any conversation she doesn't like by throwing some of her innumerable cats at someone.
  • Futurama: In one episode where Fry is leading an army of Neanderthals against Zapp Brannigan they catapult a saber-toothed cat through his flagship's windshield.
  • In the film version of Coraline, the title character throws a cat at the Other Mother in order to buy herself time to run away.

Real Life
  • A Real Life example: During the siege of Pelusium in 525 BC, the Persian general Cambyses was known for hurling live cats over the walls of the Egyptian fort to demoralize the defenders (to whom the cats were sacred). He also instructed his men to drive cats before the army, and tie cats to their shields to further deter the Egyptians. He was not a nice person.
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