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The Geek Out Collection
You're not a geek unless you have one.
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Any geek is going to be particular about collecting some series of items. It may be just on display behind them in their Hacker Cave, it might be dedicated to a table in their bedroom or it has it's own room to become a mini-museum.

Generally, if this shows up you will eventually see them either cradling them with fondness from time to time or someone else will eventually see the collection. If that happens a handful of things may occur: the person may accidentally damage it (such as opening one of the Mint Sealed In Box items), they may mock the collector for having a focus on children / girly items, they may geek out themselves or they may steal the collection and hold it as leverage against the person. If it's shown to a potential love interest, it may end up as a Geeky Turn-On.

This doesn't necessarily have to be with children's toys or girly items, as some collections may very well be considered "hip" or "cool." Car Memorabilia in particular is considered very masculine and may result in similar "geek out" moments.

Usually done by a collector, but generally without evil intent. See also Collector of the Strange (when the things they collect are simply strange) and Kitsch Collection. Contrast the Porn Stash, which is a collection most want to keep hidden.

Truth in Television, naturally.


  • Toy Story 2 had toy store mogul Al with an immense collection based on "Woody's Roundup" and was only missing the most valuable piece, the Woody doll. When Woody is stolen from the yard sale he got to see the massive collection and never knew that his show was so popular or that he was from such a large line of toys. He basically geeked out over his own toy line.
  • In Hot Fuzz, Officer Butterman had a massive movie collection, kept in a rather large walk-in closet.
  • Dr. Chase in National Treasure kept a fairly modest collection of very rare coins, which was missing a single piece that Nicolas Cage was able to find for her.
  • Batman Forever had Bruce show Dick his vintage car and motorcycle collection. It was done in an offhand way (suggesting Dick fill up his motorcycle with gas before heading off). It even had a classic geeky exchange "Only ten of these were made!" "I have another one right here."
  • In The Rock, Stanley Goodspeed is a proud Beatlemaniac, going so far as to spending $600 on the original Meet The Beatles LP.
  • In American Beauty, Colonel Frank Fitts (the Burnhams' neighbor) has a collection of tableware that was used by Nazi German officials, stamped with the swastika. Supposedly there is an avid collector community for this type of paraphernalia, as Fitts' son mentions.

Live-Action TV
  • The Big Bang Theory, being about geeks, features plenty of geeky items in the background.
    • When Penny criticized the group for putting so much effort into "junk" (A full sized prop from The Time Machine blocked the stairway and prevented her from getting to work on time) it depressed Leonard enough to where he wanted to sell his stuff. Later Sheldon calls Penny out for having her own collection of stuffed bears and Hello Kitty clothing.
    • In an AV Club review of an episode, the reviewer asked if comic collectors really do carefully sort and palm through their comics like the guys were shown doing. The answer was an overwhelming "YES."
  • Seinfeld had Jerry dating a woman who he discovered had a collection of vintage toys and board games. So he "drugged" her at dinner time (with turkey and boxed wine to make her sleepy) and spent the night playing with them. She was, naturally, disturbed when she found out what he did.
  • iCarly had Carly start seeing a guy who came across with a "Bad Boy" persona. She ended up losing interest really fast (in addition to a Drama Queen freaking out) when she found out he had a Beanie Baby-esque collection. He would go online to buy the "only sold in Asia" stuff and would only allow others to touch them after they wiped their hands with a wetnap. After all the hype surrounding his bad boy nature, Freddie found it hilarious.
  • In an early episode of Burn Notice, Fiona is enamored of a gun collection kept by the owner of a home that was being cared for by their client of the week. Another episode showed Michael admiring a similar gun collection held by someone he was trying to con.
  • In 30 Rock, Jack had a cookie jar collection which he gave up in order to ascend the ranks of GE.
  • Pawn Stars often have people show their collections of various items to sell, which usually comes with a hefty pawn price reduction because few people want the collection as a whole, so it requires quite a bit of manpower to catalog and sell the items. And then there are the stranger collection like the guy with Sammy Davis Jr's personal VHS tape collection.
  • A episode of Psych had Shawn and Gus call upon the expertise of a UFO expert and old geek buddy of theirs, played by Freddie Prince Jr., who had done a lot in his life to live down being a geek and pretended to be into sports to appease his very attractive wife. He introduced them to his Hacker Cave, filled with memorabilia and they were even clearly playing Halo: Reach before it came out. Eventually his wife walked in on them and he had to confess his geekiness, only to find out she was a big geek too and both were pretending to be something else, leading to a massive Geeky Turn-On.


Video Games

Web Comics

Web Original
  • All the members of the Two Best Friends Play YouTube channel have their own collections, especially as a result of their mailbag episodes in early 2014. Matt in particular has large figurine collection on display.

Western Animation
  • Batman has a long established Super Trophy Super Rack with items pertaining to his various adventures. In Batman: The Animated Series it shows that he also has a dedicated room to "The Grey Ghost" TV show he loved as a kid, and got to show it to the actor who played The Grey Ghost. The only question remains, why is it in the Batcave rather than the actual Wayne Manor?
  • An episode of Powerpuff Girls had an obsessed collector who eventually got all of the Powerpuff Girls merchandise ever made. His life goal suddenly complete, he decided to collect the girls themselves. Naturally, when the people of Townsville come to the rescue they got him to confess by opening his mint-in package items.
  • In Downtown, Alex and his geek friends all collect action figures. When Jen tells one of the friends that he should get laid, he assumes "Laid" is a rare Star Wars figure. The Geek Out Collection becomes a plot point later in the same episode, when Alex realizes he doesn't want to end up being a middle-aged guy still obsessing over toys.
  • On The Simpsons Ned has a secret cache of Beatles memorabilia. Anticipated in a Treehouse of Horror episode where it was The End Of The World:
    Rev. Lovejoy: Judgement Day is upon us. I warned you the Lord wouldn't stand for your minidresses and Beatle boots.
    Flanders: [trying to remove a pair of said boots] I've resisted these for thirty-five years. Why did I wear them today?

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