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Let's Get Tooled Up
Character(s) prepare for an incoming attack on a single location, often to a rousing score
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Possibly an extension to certified tropes Protect This House and Lock and Load Montage, 'Let's Get Tooled Up' is the fast-cutting montage of a character(s) preparing a defense, often putting the foot down on the film's pacing, before leading into a 'calm before the storm'/'if I don't make it...' scene.

  • The kids in Attack the Block getting "tooled up" with an assortment of meele weapons
  • Kevin in Home Alone turning his home into a Death Trap
  • The Frog brothers an co. in The Lost Boys vampire-proofing the house
  • Bond/M/Groundskeeper in Skyfall preparing to take on Silva/Henchmen at the family mansion
  • ???
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