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Some offensive moves require the user to stand in place, and then there's the other extreme of attacking while moving full tilt in a direction. Unlike Flash Step, this doesn't always require Super Speed, which is great for allowing a Mighty Glacier to gain a little bit of speed.

A Horn Attack is often preceded by the attacker charging toward the target.

See also Rolling Attack, Slide Attack, Deadly Lunge, and Video Game Dashing. Sister to Sprint Shoes which may enable this.


Anime and Manga
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Domon invents the "God Field Dash" attack in one of his final matches to break through his opponent's special technique.

Live-Action TV
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: The rarely seen "Picard Maneuver" involves short-distance warp so that it looks to your enemy's sensors that you're in two places at once.

Tabletop Games
  • In Champions the Move By and Move Through attacks involve moving toward an enemy at top speed. In a Move By you hit the enemy as you move by him, in a Move Through you run directly into the enemy (and take damage).
  • Dungeons & Dragons: a character can charge at an enemy and attack them, which gives a small bonus but allows the enemy to do massive damage if they're ready for you (e.g. have a spear with its base set against the ground to impale you).

Video Games
  • The Pegasus Boots allow this in The Legend of Zelda games: Link will dash forward with his sword out (provided it's equipped), causing large damage and possibly stunning enemies.
  • When attacking an enemy in melee in Dragon Age II, the warrior characters will dash to the target before striking them if the distance is short enough. There are also several special abilities, like the two-handed sword's Scythe, which combine dashing towards the enemy with a sweeping strike, often knocking them down if it doesn't kill them outright.
  • In Beyond Oasis, Ali can perform a stab or slash while running. The stab can rack up several small hits on an enemy, while the slash knocks mooks off their feet.
  • In the Marvel vs. Capcom games, Captain America's Charging Star special move is a shield-ramming attack that also destroys certain projectiles.
  • In the Super Smash Bros. games, Fox McCloud's Fox Illusion special move (as well as Falco's and Wolf's variants) looks like a Flash Step that knocks away opponents standing in the user's path. Also, every character has a normal dash attack.
  • Many special weapons throughout the Mega Man franchise (both the classic series and the X series) apply:
    • Charge Kick in Mega Man 5 (NES) and Mega Man IV (Game Boy) overlaps with Slide Attack, weaponizing Mega Man's slide.
    • Break Dash in Mega Man V (Game Boy) is a chargeable shoulder tackle.
    • X's Nova Strike is a flying tackle available with special armor upgrades in Mega Man X4, X5, X6, and X8.
    • The charged-up Speed Burner in Mega Man X2 causes X to dash forward while cloaked in flames.
    • In Mega Man X4, Zero's Shippuuga ends a ground dash with a half-circle slash of his Z-Saber.
    • Mega Man X5: Zero's F-Splasher/Hisuisho technique is an air-dash while covered in a barrier of ice that both protects from and damages enemies on contact. The W-Shredder/Shippuu technique allows Zero to immediately cancel a ground dash and send out an illusionary double that slashes a few body lengths ahead.
    • In Mega Man X8, Zero's Raikousen/Raijinken enables him to dash forward and deliver an electrically-charged stab/uppercut. Raikousen is also one of Zero's special moves in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Final Fight
    • One of the combats was against a samurai named Sodom in a boxing ring. If you hit him and he drops his swords, he will charge at your character and knock you down.
    • Several other opponents will charge at you and attack, including Andore Jr., the other Andore brothers, Wong Who and Bill Bull.
  • Several characters in Sonic the Hedgehog specialize in this type of attack.
    • In Sonic Battle, there are five types of attacks that can be executed from the ground: the basic combo, "Heavy" (knockback) attack, "Upper" attack, ground special, and the Dash Attack. The Dash attacks here are second only to the ground special in variability between characters, and can be even more variable when used by the customizable character Emerl, when combining them with different dash abilities than their original users. For example, Rouge's dash can inflict multiple hits when combined with most dash skills, but can work as a second dash and long distance hit when combined with Shadow's dash. Tails' dash attack combined with Rouge's dash puts Emerl in higher flight than is possible for any other character.
  • The Stinger attack in Devil May Cry works like a pair of Sprint Shoes in some situations, as it moves far faster than his usual running-speed (it gets payed for in cool-down time). Dante will dash along the ground before stabbing his sword into the first enemy encountered. Most 3-D action/hack-and-slash/beam'em up games have since relied on this technique.
  • In Tekken, a rolling cross chop is a type of wake-up maneuver that has the fighter roll towards the opponent before breaking into an aerial lunge, arms first.
  • The Big Daddies in Bioshock were famous for being a sort of Bullfight Boss that would gain massive bursts of speed by doing something like this despite moving so slow normally.
  • In Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Jak's Dashing Forward Punch and Jet Board Dash (both mapped to Forward Square) shoot Jak about 4 character-lengths in distance and can be excellent for Hit-and-Run Tactics. Evil Cole's Firebird Strike rushes at high speed, and lets him ram opponents while engulfed in fire. Fat Princess has a sort of aerial-exclusive move called the Belly Bounce (Forward Triangle) that sends her a good distance to bash opponents into an eject tornado (the furthest-flying hit-reaction in the game).
  • Superman's Super Move in Injustice: Gods Among Us has him flying at his opponent so fast that not only does he have a couple of invicibility frames to bypass projectiles, but he flies so fast that it's nearly impossible to avoid it since it grabs the opponent and thus cannot be blocked. Other characters like the Flash have similar Super Moves where they charge at their opponent at rediculous speeds, but they can be blocked.
  • The Spiraling Claw special attack in Gravity Rush has Kat rush rapidly through the air and into her opponent, tearing into them until they're destroyed before homing into the next closest target. She does something similar for her Coup de Grāce Cutscene on the bosses.
  • Red XIII's first limit break in Final Fantasy VII is such an attack, titled "Sled Fang."
  • Drakengard: After picking up speed, Caim can either attack like this for a Foe-Tossing Charge, or jump for a Ground Pound.
  • Wolf Link's most common attack (since attacking normally has much less range than if you had a sword, it's safer to back away and dash at enemies), and is also be used to move faster.
  • The Dungeons & Dragons ability Bloody Path can be interpreted as this, the attacker making an attack against every enemy he runs past (the wording says the enemy attack themselves by accident, leading to no end of Fridge Logic).
  • Ganondorf and Captain Falcon's side-B move in Super Smash Bros.. If used on a flat surface, their down-B move does this as well.
  • Many melee units in Dawn of War will accelerate once within short range of an enemy, usually with a different animation.
    • The Grey Knights can get upgraded to start running from farther, but also do Knock Back. The Kroot have a similar ability, though they jump towards the target.
    • The Squiggoth's Rampage ability lets it barge through concentrations of units, scattering them far and wide. It can be interrupted by vehicles and buildings (and some units) in the way.
  • The Aurora bombers in Command & Conquer: Generals move so fast they can't be targeted until they drop their bombs, at which point they're sitting ducks.
  • Warframe has the Excalibur's Slash Dash ability. Players often use it to instantly One Hit Poly Kill whole hordes of lined up enemies.
  • In Starcraft II, Kerrigan gains such an ability in Heart of the Swarm, dashing through enemies and damaging them along the way.
  • In Team Fortress 2, the Demoman's Chargin' Targe shield allows you to charge up to an opponent, delivering up to 20% damage if you hit them mid-charge.

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