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Our Sirens Are Louder
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Launching 10/15, barring complaint.
Previously Our Sirens Are Different, Our Sirens Are Alluring, Our Sirens Are Enthralling

Thinking about Our Sirens Are Enchanting, Our Sirens Are Beguiling, Our Sirens Are Enthralling, Our Sirens Are Louder (Just for Pun).

Seeking title input.
Sirens. If you go back to Greek Mythology, you'll find bird-women. In later instances, they would tend towards fish-people, because of the same sort of language difficulties that gave mermaids siren's beautiful voices. Of course, sometimes they just look human, and their voices are the only thing that gives them away. Or it's just a good disguise until it cracks.

And yes, sirens are loud: sailors are hearing them quite clearly over roaring surf hitting rocks. The projection needed for that is impressive.

For that sort of reason, be careful when adding examples to this page: if they are explicitly referred to as only sirens, they fit here. If they are bird-women type sirens, they fit here. If they are fish-people with beautiful voices, they're probably mermaids. If someone uses both titles, see Sirens Are Mermaids.


Classical Mythology
  • Odysseus ran into two sirens, who were bird-women who lured sailors with their enchanting voices and music. His men stuff their ears with wax, but, true to form, Odysseus just has them tie him to the mast. Because he wants to hear the songs.
  • In general (Greek): They were bird-women, they lured young sailors to their deaths via song that took them into rocky cliffs, there were between two and five, though three was common. Their names were a little...fluid.

Comic Books
  • Teen Titans have a villain called Siren who is a mermaid with a hypnotic song and is capable of turning her tail into legs.

Fan Fiction

  • Alluded to in The Muppet Movie, "The Rainbow Connection".
    Kermit: Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailors? The voice might be one and the same...
  • The three young women doing wash in O Brother, Where Art Thou? function as sirens. No surprise, given it's a retelling of The Odyssey.
    "Them si-reens done loved Pete up and turned 'im into a -- horny toad!"

Live-Action Television
  • The Psirens from Red Dwarf were basically a retelling of the sirens story IN SPACE!: they shapeshifted to lure spacecraft onto the asteroids.
  • On Batman, Joan Collins played the Supervillainess Lorelei Circe, AKA The Siren, who was able to put any man under her spell by singing a note of three octaves above high C; she used her ability to entrance Commissioner Gordon into sneaking into the Batcave, to cause Chief O'Hara to jump into a lake, and to induce Bruce Wayne into signing his fortune over to her.

Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons.
    • The harpy is the Greek Mythology version (bird/woman) with an alluring voice that draws victims to its location.
    • The sirine is a humanoid female with a voice that can charm all hostile creatures.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Three sirens pop up in "The Scotsman Saves Jack", an episode of Samurai Jack The Scotsman doesn't demonstrate any particular willpower, he just doesn't like the music. They aren't bird-women or fish-people, they're fully human-looking...except for the glow. And then we find out that they're a Scaled Up three-headed...thing. Still called sirens, though.
  • On The Simpsons "Tales from the Public Domain" when Homer was Odysseus he was lured to the Island of Sirens, only to discover that the Sirens in question were Patty and Selma. He got out of there pretty quick.
  • DuckTales has some sirens in an episode that takes Huey, Dewey, Louie and Scrooge back to Odysseus' times. They look odd, but on the other hand, how would you do bird-women when your cast is already made of ducks?
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