Created By: MysteryMadchen on September 15, 2013

Can you help me find a movie????

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I am looking for a movie that I saw back in the 90's about a young man that was not heading down the right path and got into a lot of trouble. His dad finally had enough and told his son he either joined the military to grow up or he was done with him. The guy joined the military and from what I can remember did pretty well until he was shot during a training accident. The kid/guy comes home and is paralyzed. I think it was based on a true story and I think it was a made for TV possibly Lifetime movie. I also think that it was either about him finding a way to deal or being on of the people that got aides to walk again, but that I'm not sure on. The main character had brown hair and was an attractive guy. I have been looking for this movie at the very least the name of the actor who played the lead role FOREVER but I can't track it down, can anybody help me?? Does anybody remember this move?? Also I am new to this site and wanted to post on the portion of the site that was categorized for this but I'm having a hard time figuring out which link I need to hit to get there, if this is not it would somebody throw me a bone and tell me where I should post?? Thanks so much for any help!!!
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  • September 15, 2013
    YKTTW is a place where new tropes are made. These kind of queries belong to You Know That Show. I see you already posted this same message on that page so I don't understand why you even bothered posting this here in the first place.