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The Hottest Girls Are The Kindest
The more attractive females tend to be the nicest characters in the series.
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Although attracive males are often be jerks, it seems to be the opposite with girls. This does have something to do with gender stereotypes, where women are associated with beauty and intelligence, and men are associated with aggressiveness and strength.

See also Beauty Equals Goodness, Females Are More Innocent and High Heel-Face Turn. The "sexpot" variety of The Baroness is usually this trope, if she falls for the hero. Villainesses Want Heroes and Sensible Heroes, Skimpy Villains tend to combine to make this trope, in conjunction with the aforementioned tropes.

She may also be a Good Bad Girl.

This can happen with either gender, but, as previously stated, Hot Guys Are Bastards is more likely to be applied to males, and this trope is more likely to be applied to females.
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