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Friends who tell you not to acknowledge guilt
This when the friends of a character tell them not to feel guilty even if something is genuinely there fault
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Back on the planet Kes fullfills her role in their relationship. Telling Nelix not to feel bad when he really should feel bad.
Its generally thought that if an error in judgement on your part causes others pain and/or anguish, you should accept that what happened was your fault so you can learn from it and move on, even if it causes discomfort. Usually if a 'good' character in fiction does something wrong, they understand this. The people around them usually do not. Regardless of the situation, the friends of a character who's made a mistake will tell them things like "It's not your fault," or "Don't feel guilty." While they may have good intentions, they tell this person to deny responsibility for something they actually did, all in an attempt to ensure they don't feel bad. Instead of admitting the hero messed up and should learn to move on, they opt to give the guilty hero a quick pickup so as to not let them feel bad for too long


Live Action TV
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Captain Cragen arrests an ex-convict because hes prejudiced against him, and ends up ruining his life. When Cragen finds out hes innocent ADA Novak tells him its not his fault, he points out it clearly is
  • House, When Dr Formen says he should feel bad for accidentally killing a girl Cameron says
it wont help her which is true but also not the point

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