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Designated Distressed Damsel
A character that ends up in the captivity of the enemy a very large number of times.
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This is what happens when a character becomes the Distressed Damsel over and over and over again. A Poorly Secured Princess is basically a character that is captured time after time.

Likely, this is the cause of The Hero's Journey. The Poorly Secured Princess is most likely a Neutral Female, although it can be any type of character that is always being captured.

This might just be because Big Bad is constantly taking the captured character for manipulative purposes, but is frequently just because the character is Too Dumb to Live.

  • The most obvious one is Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros. games. You know it's bad when it's easier to count the number of games she hasn't been captured.
  • Mary Jane from the Spider-Man Movies gets captured by the Green Goblin, Dr Octopus, Harry, and Venom and is pretty much the whole reason the climax of the movies happen.
  • Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean for sure.
  • Robin is always getting caught somehow and even got killed once from it
  • In the Wheel of Time series, Rand is captured at least twice (Lord of Chaos and Winter's Heart). Though that is not as common as the examples listed above, it is quite common in comparison with the fact Rand is a strong channeler, a blademaster, a martial artist, and has tens of thousands of soldiers including a personal bodyguard of several thousand women, and by book nine even commands Aes Sedai and Asha'man.
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