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Visual Initiative Queue
The next several turns in a turn based RPG are shown in a visual chart.
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This tells us the battle goes The Hero, Boss, The Lancer, Squishy Wizard, Mysterious Waif, The Hero...

When the turn order in a video game RPG is shown in a way that shows the next several turns, usually shown with a stack or line of headshots of the characters and enemies.

Thus if Alice and Bob are at the first and second positions respectively, and the Blob Monster they are fighting is third, then they will each get an move, and then the blob monster gets a move.

This can have several effects. One is letting the player(s) plan out the next few rounds instead of one round at a time. Another is that someone's speed stat tends to become more prominent, as not only will faster characters get turns sooner, but can often get multiple turns within a round. Using spells that speed up and slow characters can thus turn a battle even moreso than other methods.

These can involve various amounts of Real Time with Pause.


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