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What a cute doll, where can I get one?
When a cute enough monster that lies perfectly limp will be mistaken for a doll as part of the masquerade.
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In the mon genre, and in other urban fantasy shows, if the main character has an imp, fairy, monster, or even robot companion of small enough size the creature will probably be able to pose as a doll.

This allows for the creature to blend into its surrounding and allows for it to be seen in public. Allowing the writers to explain how the companion is able to be on the scene without being exposed.

This tends to lead to moments of comedy when either an undisciplined child tries to play with the main character's "doll" without permission, (or even with it if the main character is Jerkass). The two other possibilities include a stranger commenting that a proud warrior creature is adorable or that a particularly vain creature is horrifyingly creepy.

  • The cast of both Digimon Adventure seasons did this often.
    • In later Digimon shows this was done with only the more adorable creatures.
  • In CardCaptors Sakura's guide Kero, in his 'lesser form', does this.

Film - Live Action:
  • In E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the title character hides in a closet containing several very large stuffed animals. It works. Fortunately for him, the children present are already aware of The Masquerade.

Western Animation
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • "The Chronicles of Meap": Candace mistakes Meap for a Bangeroo robot the boys souped up.
    • There's at least a couple instances where Perry would lie still and be mistaken for a toy.
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