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How Did We Miss This One?? Oh Wait!...

In television, parents are either dorky, busy, abusive, embarrassing, evil, overbearing, overprotective, absent or dead, squicky, lost, or just plain useless.

But what about parents who get things right? The parents who are always there. The ones who support their children no matter what they do and attend all their events. They tell them how proud they are of them. They give out useful advice and help them on their homework. They keep their children safe without being overprotective. They punish them when they're bad and award them when they're good. But they will always love them. Through good times and bad, these parents are always there for their kids. They will sacrifice just about anything for their children, even their own lives.

This parents can be the Mama Bear or the Papa Wolf, and can even be the Action Mom. They are often found in a Nuclear Family so will often consist of a Happily Married couple. They can even be a part of a Badass Family or Tag Team Family. They are also not against using Tough Love when necessary. They can also turn out to be an Open-Minded Parent.

When the Good Parents aren't the actual parents of the character, it's Parental Substitute. When the Good Parents are the adoptive parents, it's Happily Adopted. If they were good parents at one time, but forcefully removed from this realm of existence, then they are DeceasedParentsAreTheBest.


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