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Befriending Secret Identity
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When you've got a Secret Identity, you've got to have some excuses about your family being constantly protected, knowing things only you-with the-mask was supposed to know, etc. So you say: "Well, Captain Order? Well, I know him. He is my close friend." Therefore, you may actually avoid your identity being revealed: "Well, Captain Order is obivously not John Doe, although they look similar" Bonus points: if you are a Rich Idiot with No Day Job, you may also make and give these wonderful toys to yourself. However, this often leads to intentional Bruce Wayne Held Hostage. If you have some friends with shapeshifting powers, good actors and so on, you can also pull off a Identity Impersonator.


  • Basically any Identity Impersonator ever.
  • In The Adventures of Superman Clark Kent is a good friend of Superman's; if anybody needs to get a message to Supes just contact CK at the Daily Planet and he'll be sure to pass it along.
    • Superman loves the idea of Identity Impersonator in general, which usually implies at least an acquaintance.
  • Peter Parker is famous for that, he pretends to be Spider-Man's friend, takes interviews and gets photos of himself to make his living.
  • Depending on the continuity, Iron Man is officially an employee of Stark Enterprises and is Stark's bodyguard, so Stark made a suit for him.

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