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A woman goes into a nerd-interest shop. Hilarity Ensues.
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Alice wants to give her nerdy friend Bob a present, and what better place to look than the local hobby shop/video game/comic book store. The instant she enters the door, however, she is surrounded the fearful/puzzled/lecherous stares of the all-male denizens of the store, who are always the absolute worst representatives of geekdom. Alice may either panic at the obvious thoughts of the troglodytes facing her, or get a You Go Girl moment by demonstrating Gamer Girl skills.

An alternate, Rated M for Manly version is to have her go into a bar or hardware store, though the reactions here will be more overtly misogynistic.

Goes hand-in-hand with Nerds Are Virgins. See also There Are No Girls on the Internet for similar reactions.

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