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Mistaken For Object Of Affection
A character intends to engage in romantic/sexual contact, but does it with/to the wrong person
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This is a variation on Accidental Pervert, in which the accidental part is not so accidental.

This trope generally comes in two variations. First, are instances where someone intends to initiate romantic/sexual contact with a significant other or romantic interest, but touches the wrong person. This will usually be because someone looks similar to the real target of affection.

In other instances, a character actually means to sexually harass someone (usually a Ms. Fanservice character), but for the same reasons as above, picks the wrong person (usually a gonk or otherwise stern and/or unattractive character).

The perpetrator of this is pretty much Always Male and the victim usually female.

When the victim and perpetrator are both straight but of the same gender this may result in Ho Yay and Les Yay.

Compare/contrast with Bed Trick and Bride and Switch, wherein there is deliberate deception on the part of one of the parties involved.


  • The classic Grape Nuts commercial where a young man grabs his girlfriend's mother's butt in the swimming pool:
    "Mrs. Burke? I thought you were Dale!"

  • A Wendy's ad has a guy going to a restaurant where he meets an attractive lady at the drive-through window. Finally, he asks her out without looking at the window--but she's been replaced by a middle-aged man.

  • A Sequential Art example: In one story by Wilhelm Busch. After having received a letter by Julchen (the object of affection) encouraging him, he enters her house at night. She intentionally misled him however, and he ends up in the room of her aunt, who is NOT pleased. (Neither is he, but for other reasons.) Confusion ensues.

Anime and Manga
  • In the Zero no Tsukaima anime Louise gets into the bed that she, Saito, and Siesta share. The problem? Well, she ends up being kissed by Siesta, who had mistaken her for Saito.

  • In She's The Man, Olivia falls in love with her classmate "Sebastian", unaware that it's actually his sister Viola pretending to be him. One night she surprises her object of affection with a kiss... unaware that it's actually the real Sebastian, who has no idea who this infatuated girl is.
  • In The Big Easy after a night of lovemaking, Anne mistakes Bobby McSwain for his brother Remy, coming up behind him and pinching his ass. The brothers aren't all that identical, she just didn't expect another man in the kitchen.

  • The Film of the Book of The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything. Kirby Winter goes to his brother's house and goes to sleep in his bed. His brother's girlfriend Bonny Lee Beaumont slips into the bed, thinks he is his brother and starts to make love to him

  • The 1947 short "the Brideless Groom" starring The Three Stooges inverts this trope as it is Shemp Howard that Christine Mc Intyre's character mistakes for someone else. Christine is expecting her cousin, Basil, and thinking that Shemp is him, starts kissing him affectionately. When she gets a phone call revealing that her visitor is NOT her cousin, she really unloads on Shemp, resulting in a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.

  • Invoked in a folktale involving a court jester and/or Trickster Archetype of the teller's culture wherein he offends the King and is told he will be executed unless he can apologize in a way wherein the apology is worse than the offense. He achieves this by groping the King from behind and saying "Sorry, I thought you were the Queen."

  • In one Guy de Maupassant story translated as "A Bad Error", a man is in a relationship with a woman who wanted it to remain platonic until they knew each other better, and they both take a vow of celibacy in the meantime. He doesn't stick to his vow, and starts up an affair with a beautiful maidservant of the woman, who had told him she was built similarly to her mistress. Things end badly when thinking it is the maidservant, he goes up to the woman and lifts up her skirts and kisses her on the behind.

Live-Action TV
  • In an episode of Modern Family, Phil has a disastrous first meeting with his daughter's college roommate, grabbing her butt, thinking that she was his wife.

Video Games

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