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Violently Protective Girlfriend
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Seems harming that guy was a really bad idea. You just triggered the wrath of his girl friend (or in some cases girl who loves him yet isn't dating yet) and she's gonna kick your ass. Needs a Better Description.

Female trope only as its expected for a guy to lose it when his girlfriend comes under threat. Women in this trope essentially act like a much younger Mama Bear, a trope this is strongly related to as the Berserk Button is harming the mate rather than the kids (many of these examples got axed from the Mama Bear page). Very common if said woman is an Action Girl, Hot Amazon, or Lady of War. Common trait in a Tsundere. Likely to occur if the male is a Non-Action Guy Subtrope of Berserk Button.

Examples: Anime:
  • Black Lagoon: As far as Revy is concerned, harming Rock in any manner is punishable by a disproportionate beat down for a first offense, and death for a second (or even for a first if it's severe enough).

  • Avatar: Neytiri is vividly protective of Jake, crouching over him with knife drawn and teeth bared, hissing, in two scenes where he is unconscious and under threat.

  • Sally Kimball of Encyclopedia Brown fame.
  • Explicitly used in the Shield, Sword, And Crown series, where Arisa declares herself both Weasel's and Edoran's bodyguard at various points in the book. Slightly subverted in that she isn't interested in them romantically at all, and thinks of them as best friends.

Live-Action Television:


  • In the version of the folk song Stagger Lee recorded by the Grateful Dead, Stagger Lee murders Billy De Lion, and the police are too afraid of him to do anything about it. Then, along comes Billy's girlfriend Delia, who shoots Stagger Lee herself. In the balls.

Video Games:
  • In Disgaea3, causing harm (direct or indirect) to Almaz is the fastest way to piss Princess Sapphire off. Many of her Ax-Crazy thoughts are motivated by this trope.
  • One sided example in Sonic the Hedgehog with Amy Rose when Silver tried to kill Sonic. Becomes her Crowning Moment of Awesome and a pic of her Death Glare during this scene is a good pic candidate.
  • One of the girls in Psychonauts is like this.
  • Although she didn't like Oswald at first, Gwendolyn shows that she is capable of wrecking all sorts of havoc when he's in danger. One of the game's major Nice Job Breaking It, Hero incidents revolves around this trope.
  • This is why Rozalin in Disgaea2 willingly lets her Super-Powered Evil Side out in the end of the game. How this turns out depends on the ending you get.
  • The Mother Yeti in EVO attacks you because you killed her mate.

Web Comics:
  • [[{{}} This]] Super Stupor strip, proving that emotional harm is enough to induce this sort of rage.

Western Animation:
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